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Reading at Davyhulme Primary School


What can you do to help at home? The more children read, the better they become. It's as simple as that! The more enjoyable the things they read are, the more they will stick with them and develop the reading skills that they will need in their adult lives. Whilst many of our children do read at home on a regular basis, there are an increasing number of children in every class who do not seem to be reading at home with an adult and, as a result, are not progressing through the reading bands. This may well be because some parents believe that this is no longer as important once children enter the Juniors, as children become increasingly independent. However, this is not the case. Even when your child has achieved a good level of fluency, they still benefit from being listened to by an adult. It helps you to see whether they fully understand what they are reading, for example, taking note of the punctuation and pronouncing words correctly. Good readers often skip over difficult words because they can still get a sense of what they are reading. Reading aloud encourages the children to tackle more difficult vocabulary and extend their word power. It is also an ideal time to discuss what they think about their reading and develop their opinions. One good idea is to take it in turns to read a page at a time with your child.

Reading at home, on a regular basis, is particularly important for those children in the Juniors who are not yet fluent, confident readers. Little and often is definitely the best approach and makes such a difference tochildren’s progress in reading. At Davyhulme, we expect children to take home their reading book every day, and read to/with an adult for at least 10 minutes each evening. Please can you record any reading that your child has done in their Planner and sign the Planner once a week to indicate that you have seen it. This enables us to monitor who is regularly reading at home.

We have recently invested a large amount of money in updating our home Reading Scheme which we are hoping to launch in September 2018. The scheme includes a wide range of interesting and engaging books which we hope the children will enjoy reading and sharing with you.

Many thanks for your continued support. Yours sincerely,
K.Brookes (Deputy Head teacher)