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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme
PLease , Please , Please Observe 2m Social Distancing While waiting to ' drop off ' or ' pick up ' your child - we are at a critical stage now ! School staff are already coming down with coughs and flu symptoms never mind the challenges of Covid. There are reports of a school in Salford having to close because of staff absences please take the advice seriously - HANDS - FACE - SPACE . You need to inform school where you are going on holiday ( even if in the UK ) . If returning from abroad follow government advice and quarantine if necessary ! We will send ' Bubbles ' home IF we have to ! Please do not put us in that position !Carers and Parents can give us feedback on our approach to Covid19 by emailing School at ahead of our training day on 30th September to take stock of the Risk Assessment and anything else you wish to improve about our school.
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5th May 2020

This book could be a possible source of support and comfort for children and their families during these difficult times.

We have been using a book for children and adults to read together ‘ Someone has died suddenly ‘ by Mary Williams OBE , illustrated by Steve Fraser in school now for a number of years and we have found it to be a great source of comfort.

Please read the book first , as an adult , before you share it with children. If you also find it helpful and would like to make a donation to the charity that wrote the book then go to