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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme

Busy Bees

18th May 2018

We are very excited by the challenge of designing and decorating our  ' Bee Sculpture ' within a very tight timetable as part of a Greater Manchester project - 'Bee In The City'. As you can see from the pictures our ' blank canvas ' has arrived in the form of our Bee sculpture and we have asked for ideas from every child in school .

These are only a few of the designs of the many we looked at for inspiration. There is no winning design , as such , since we will be using an amalgam of the many ideas taken from examples such as you can see. Our creative team hope to produce a unique piece ( with a contribution from every child in school ) which sums up what Davyhulme Primary School stands for in the modern world ... Or in the words of our Creative Committee:

' Bee the Best ' 

'School wished the bee to represent our core values, for example kindness , tolerance ,respect etc. Values lie at the centre of our school; we have one value which we promote every month. We also want to link the design to our Mission Statement - ' Reaching for the Stars '  and include inspirational quotes linked to education and learning. ' 

' Reaching for the Stars ' is obviously about setting high standards of excellence while in the act of ' Reaching ' we recognise that it is an on - going act ... It will never be complete because we are always in the act of reaching ... Reaching for something we can see ...which is above us ...higher ...something to aspire to ...always.