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Fabulous Friday French!

7th Dec 2017

vendredi le  premier decembre 2017



Today in French we are starting with a fun activity converting numbers in words into digits on our white boards.  After finishing our activity, we looked at our slide show about the French chateau at Chenonceau.  We discussed the features of the chateau and learnt a very interesting fact: the chateau at Chenonceau was constructed around the 11th century.  Next, Hannah was very brave and read aloud the French storybook ‘Loup, Loup Y-es-tu?’  The whole class joined in singing the song and Hannah was clapped to her seat after doing an excellent job!  The video of Hannah reading this storybook will also be posted on the blog sson.  


With our partners we then practised the following  questions: comment ca va? quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? quel age as-tu? and comment t’appelles-tu?  We then worked with our partners - nos partenaires - and counted up one in fives.  Next,we did something we had only learned last week but we were still very good at it: the question, est-ce que tu aimes? or aimes-tu?  We worked with our partners and asked them if they liked, for example, carrots, (les carottes), or celery (le celeri).  Returning to our learning challenges we showed our cards to show how we felt about our learning.


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Vendredi le premier decembre 2017


We started off our French lesson and Madame Underwood showed us Ciara’s and Emma’s French research. Then we practised some of our French Maths that we did last week too. James answered and he chose Josh to answer too - we had some very good answers from everyone!  All of us tried hard.  Then we watched our French video on the chateau at Chenonceau.  While that was going on Madame Underwood played some very nice French music called ‘Papillon de Nuit’ (Butterfly of the Night). Next, we talked about the French flag and our learning challenges (Les Defis Savoirs).  We then asked each other questions about how old we are or how we were feeling.  Matthew and Hannah asked each other those questions and it was like listening to a fluent French conversation!  Haris and Isabelle did the same.  We then said the date in French - Lily-Mae said it was Le Premier decembre (the 1st december) and she was right!  We said what the date for tomorrow would be in French and then Haris said what the date for yesterday was.  Madame Underwood asked us whose birthday it was over the weekend or next week.  Sadly, James did not want his birthday to be told but that was o.k.  


We practised some more French Maths; Theo was the first to do it and he did great!  It looks like our class is really good at doing Maths in French and everyone joined in.  We learnt how to say some vegetables in French and how to say whether or not we liked them - sadly, Hannah does not like celery but Sonny likes his vegetables though!  Madame Underwood then rhymed words with ‘moi’ like ‘trois’ to help us.  Then we had to say goodbye to Madame Underwood and Monsieur Burke.


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