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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme

Who's Who - Staff


Mr. P. McDowell  


Miss. K. Brookes (Full Time)- Deputy Head Teacher based in KS2
Mrs. J. Bailey (Part time )- Deputy Head Teacher based in KS1     

Year 6
Class 6A – Mrs. A. Smithson
Class 6B – Mr. J. Reynolds

Year 5
Class 5A – Miss. K. Brookes
Class 5B – Miss. L. Molloson   

Year 4 
Class 4A – Mrs. H. Coates
Class 4B – Mr. J. Hardstaff 

Year 3
Class 3A – Mrs. E. Brundrette
Class 3B – Miss. E. Mellowes 

Year 2
Class 1 Boobook Owls – Mrs. J. Newton   
Class 2 Hawk Owls  – Mrs. A. Wickstone  

Year 1/2
Class 3 Eagle Owls – Miss. R. Risk  

Year 1/Reception
Class 4 Barn Owls – Mrs. R. McNulty
Class 5 Tawny Owls – Miss. R. Edwards

Reception Year
Class 6 Snowy Owls – Mrs. S. Thompson
Class 7 Little Owls – Mrs. J. Bailey & Miss. K. Ferguson

Owlets- Mrs. A. Mitchell

Miss. S. Burns

PPA Cover 
Mr. L. Parkinson



Teaching Assistants

Year 6 Mrs. Underwood, Mr. Burke (SEN), Mrs. Vaughan (SEN)
Year 5 Mrs.  Sanderson, Mrs. Reynolds
Year 4 Mrs. Speake, Mrs. Asbury (SEN), Mrs. Johnson (SEN), Mrs. Collins (SEN)
Year 3 Miss. Warwick
Year 2 Mrs. Pepper, Mrs. Quinn (PP), Mrs. Collins
Year 1 Mrs. Moores, Mrs. Hunt
Reception Miss. Brooks, Mrs. Pryke, Mrs. Gopinath, Mrs. Pipes (PP)
Nursery Miss. Fahey, Mrs. Wilkinson, Miss. Brown

Working in partnership with teachers, the teaching assistants at Davyhulme Primary School work extremely hard to provide effective, high quality support in teaching and learning. Our areas of expertise include English, Mathematics, ICT and special educational needs working closely with both individual pupils and various groups. We take responsibility for particular aspects of curriculum development and lead whole classes when required. We hold a variety of professional qualifications ranging from certificates to degrees and a number of us have achieved higher level teaching assistant status.        



Business Manager - Mrs. C. Devine           

Administrator - Mrs. D. Cribbin  

Admin/Reception (Key Stage 1)  Mrs. D. Sales              

Admin/Reception (Key Stage 2) Mrs. J. Williamson   


Ancillary Staff

Mrs. J. Jenkins

Mrs. I. Place – (Key Stage 2)
Mrs. L. Wilkinson – (Key Stage 1)  


Lunchtime Staff

Cook Supervisor
Mrs. Wynne  

Assistant Cook
Mrs. Jones   


Kitchen Staff
Mrs. Silgram
Mrs. Whitehouse
Mrs. Stone   

Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 2)
Mrs. Asbery   

Midday Assistants  (Key Stage 2)

Mrs. Crawshaw
Mrs. Westwood
Mrs. Walton
Mrs. Ryan
Mrs. Vaughan 

Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 1)
Mrs. Wilkinson   

Midday Assistants  (Key Stage 1)

Mrs. Ryder
Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Lock
Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Whitworth
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Keatley  

School Nurse

Ms. Trish Moran

Site Manager

Mr. P. Scholes