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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme
' WRAP AROUND CARE ' IS AVAILABLE FOR CRITICAL / KEY WORKERS WITH ' LET's PLAY. ' Let's Play is open from 8am -9am and then from 3.15pm - 6pm as long as they have enough people ( health permitting ) to make it work . School staff will not be working in school over Easter ( they need to recharge their batteries for the long weeks ahead ) . If you need child care over the Easter period then you need to book places now. This service is only for the children who are currently on our KW list - I am sure the government will reimburse KW/Critical workers for any extra expense in due course. | In the light of the PM's Announcement - School will be taking a harder line on Key worker Criteria ( if one parent is not a KW then they should really stay at home to provide childcare ). Remember this is a big push now for the next 3-4 weeks THIS IS A CRITICAL TIME FOR US ALL BUT WE CAN DO IT ! | PM's UPDATED MESSAGE Do you really need to bring your child to school ? Are we literally your last resort ? If you have no other option for childcare then we will be glad to support all NHS critical/key workers by keeping your children safe -thank you for doing the vital job you are doing ! Places are limited and determined by how many healthy staff we have available from day to day. Remember ' social distancing ' when dropping off or picking up children.
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Senior Leadership

Mr. P. McDowell
Mr. P. McDowell


Miss. K. Brookes
Miss. K. Brookes

Deputy Headteacher 


Non-Teaching Staff

School Business Manager 

Mrs. C. Devine       


Site Manager

Mr. P. Harrison 



Mrs. Cribbin     



Admin/Reception (KS1)  

Mrs. Sales              

Admin/Reception (KS2)

Ms. Levis  

Mrs. Bennett


Ancillary Staff

Mrs. Jenkins



Mrs. Wilkinson – (Key Stage 1)  

Mrs. Place – (Key Stage 2)


Lunch Time Staff

Lunchtime Staff

Cook Supervisor
Mrs. Wynne  

Assistant Cook
Mrs. Rourke   

Kitchen Staff
Mrs. Silgram
Mrs. Whitehouse
Mrs. Stone   


Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 1)
Mrs. Wilkinson   

Midday Assistants Key Stage 1

Mrs. Ryder
Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Zuk
Mrs. Thorne
Mrs. Beardall-Brown
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Keatley  
Mrs. Bonney
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Sanders 


Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 2)
Mrs. Asbery   

Midday Assistants Key Stage 2

Mrs. Westwood
Mrs. Walton
Mrs. Ryan
Mrs. Vaughan

Miss Warwick 


Class Teachers

Teaching Staff

Year 6  Mrs. Smithson  Mr. Reynolds 
Year 5  Mr. Sinclair  Miss. Molloson 
Year 4  Miss. Mellowes  Miss. Shah
Year 3  Mrs. Ferguson/ Miss. Burns Mrs. Jundi 
Year 2  Mrs. Brundrett  Mr. Snowdon 
Year 1/2 Mrs. Wickstone   
Year 1 Miss Risk   
Year 1/R Mrs. Pipes   
Reception  Mrs. Thompson  Mr. Coleby 
Nursery  Miss. Edwards  Mrs. Osborne 



Miss. S. Burns


PPA Cover: 

Mrs. Osler 

Mr. Parkinson

Teaching Assistants


Miss. Hunt  Mrs. Vaughan
Miss. Brown  Miss. Brooks
Mrs. McElhinney Mrs. Wilkinson
Miss. Fahey Mrs. Pepper
 Mrs. Pryke Mrs. Daly
Miss. Warwick Mr. Burke (SEN) 
Mrs. Sanders Mrs. Speake
Mrs. Quinn  Ms. Reynolds
Mrs. Johnson (SEN) Mrs. Underwood (HLTA)
Mrs. Gallimore Mrs. Asbury (SEN)
Mrs. Pritchard (SEN)   


Pastoral Support

Mrs. Sanderson (HLTA)