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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme
Partial Opening and Restricted Admissions - We continue to operate and apply a strict approach to all applications for school places . At present we have 131 pupils ( 25% ) in school with a further 48 families wanting 62 places. The new variants of the virus pose an increased level of threat according to the media of between 50% and 70% so our control measures across society should feel 50% - 70% stricter than the first wave back in March ...and it does not feel like that ' out and about '. Despite our best efforts we have had to Quarantine two ( empty classrooms ) for 72 hours as a precautionary step on advice from Trafford cleaning services.School will be able to provide more school places when staff have had  vaccines and feel safer. If a member of your household goes for a Covid test please do not send the children into school until you have the results of the test and they are negative.
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Senior Leadership Team


Mr. P. McDowell



Deputy Headteacher 

Miss. K. Brookes 



Assistant Headteacher (KS1 & EYFS)

Mrs. E. Brundrett 

Assistant Headteacher (KS2)

Miss. L. Molloson

EYFS Leader

Mrs. S. Thompson

Non-Teaching Staff

School Business Manager 

Mrs. C. Devine    


Administration & Facilities Manager

Miss. J. Collins   

Site Manager

Mr. P. Harrison 



Mrs. Cribbin     

Admin/Reception (KS1)  

Mrs. Sales              

Admin/Reception (KS2)

Ms. Levis  

Ancillary Staff

Mrs. Jenkins


Mrs. Wilkinson – (Key Stage 1)  

Mrs. Place – (Key Stage 2)


Lunch Time Staff

Lunchtime Staff

Cook Supervisor
Mrs. Rourke 

Assistant Cook

Kitchen Staff
Mrs. Silgram
Mrs. Whitehouse
Mrs. Stone   


Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 1)
Mrs. Wilkinson   

Midday Assistants Key Stage 1

Mrs. Ryder
Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Zuk
Mrs. Thorne
Mrs. Beardall-Brown
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Keatley  
Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Sanders 


Midday Supervisor (Key Stage 2)
Mrs. Asbery   

Midday Assistants Key Stage 2

Mrs. Westwood
Mrs. Watson
Mrs. Ryan
Mrs. Vaughan

Miss Warwick 


Class Teachers

Teaching Staff

Classroom Teachers



Miss. Edwards



Little Owls: Mrs. Thompson 

Snowy Owls : Mr. Coleby 


Reception/Year 1: 

Tawny Owls: Miss. Risk 


Year 1: 

Barn Owls: Mrs. McNulty


Year 1/2: 

Eagle Owls: Mrs. Wickstone 


Year 2: 

Boobook Owls: Mrs. E. Brundrett 

Hawk Owls: Mr. Reynolds


Year 3: 

3A: Miss. Burns

3B: Mrs. Jundi 

Year 4: 

4A: Miss. Mellowes 

4B: Mrs. Smithson


Year 5: 

5A: Mrs. Coates

5B: Miss. Molloson 


Year 6: 

6A: Mrs. Osler & Mrs. Osborne 

6B: Mrs. Mitchell


PPA Cover: 

Whole School: Mr. L. Parkinson



Mrs. S. Hind-Williams 


Teaching Assistants

Whole School Pastoral Support

Mrs. Sanderson 

Miss. Hunt  Mrs. Vaughan
Miss. Brown (SEN) Miss. Brooks
Mrs. McElhinney Mrs. Wilkinson
Miss. Fahey Mrs. Pepper
 Mrs. Pryke Miss Williams (SEN)
Miss. Warwick Mr. Burke (SEN) 
Mrs. Sanders Mrs. Speake
Mrs. Quinn (Pupil Premium Support) Ms. Reynolds
Mrs. Johnson (SEN) Mrs. Underwood (HLTA)
Mrs. Gallimore Mrs. Asbury (SEN)
Mrs. Pritchard (SEN)  Mrs. Singh-Tari (SEN)